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math mountain
answer math questions to climb the mountain and graduate from the curr…
32 plays  Rating: 0.0  

Math Attack
Stop the viruses and bacteria from infecting the person. Use your math…
95 plays  Rating: 0.0  

The Equator
Make simple mathematical equations as quickly as possible.
36 plays  Rating: 0.0  

Addictive puzzle game that tells you how clever or dumb you are after …
98 plays  Rating: 0.0  

Math Attack II
Find the couples between numbers and operations. Prove your mind with …
111 plays  Rating: 0.0  

Math 101
Put your math skills to the test in this fast-paced number adding and …
33 plays  Rating: 0.0  

Clear tiles by making sums. Math-tastic!
54 plays  Rating: 0.0  

Math Lines
If you enjoyed Marble lines but love math then look no further! In the…
186 plays  Rating: 0.0  

Add 'em Up
Have a Blast and Sharpen the Mind! You've never had this much fun com…
23 plays  Rating: 0.0  

Calc is a calculation game where you have to quickly calculate a given…
18 plays  Rating: 0.0  

A flash sudoku, with timer and difficulty levels
33 plays  Rating: 0.0  

Exact Change
Collect loads and loads of coins! Its raining coins - click the falli…
13 plays  Rating: 0.0  

Multi Maze Mountain
Multi Maze Mountain is an educational game, designed to train multipli…
64 plays  Rating: 0.0  

Galactic Addition
Drag the mouse to connect numbers out of the grid needed to reach the …
23 plays  Rating: 0.0  

How fast can you add and multiply? Solve math problems against the clo…
73 plays  Rating: 0.0  

Eat factors, multiples, and prime numbers in this remake of the classi…
55 plays  Rating: 0.0  

Math Scramble
Solve math puzzles by rearranging the numbers to find the equation.
31 plays  Rating: 0.0  

Math Challenge
Are you good at math kids? Test it now!
111 plays  Rating: 0.0  

A Maze'n Math
Navigate the mazes in order to eliminate all the numbers. Simple math…
0 plays  Rating: 0.0  

Math Bubbles
Destroy balls by forming pairs that add up to 10. Note that you can us…
20 plays  Rating: 0.0  

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