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Kids Math - Subtraction Subtraction math game for kids
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Exact Change Collect loads and loads of coins! Its raining coins - click the falling coins to make change. Score...
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Math Balloons Addition/Subtraction Practice both your addition and subtraction skills in this fun math match 3 game. Use your addition...
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Accumetry A simple game that uses geometric shapes to test the accuracy of your eyes without using geometry in...
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Crossnumbers - vol 1 Solve the mathematical crosswords puzzle. Click on a tile to activate it and then insert the number...
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Math Monster Multiplication and Division Solve the multiplication and division problems to close the box of chocolates and scare off the mons...
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Math Trainer: Multiplication Table Are you good at math? Train your math! Get faster at multiplications.
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The Maths Quiz Are you a true nerd? Do you have what it takes to get through a High School maths test? Try your bes...
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Crossnumbers - vol 2 Solve the mathematical crosswords puzzle. Click on a tile to activate it and then insert the number...
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Addition Test Addition Test,choose correct answer
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Rainbow Girl at Math Class Rainbow Girl is at Math Class and she's got a problem with the numbers. Can You help her? Are you g...
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Math 101 Put your math skills to the test in this fast-paced number adding and subtracting frenzy.
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3rd Grade Math Math for 3rd Grade, click on the correct answer over hundreds of problems to solve, Great for kids.
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Math Balloons Addition Subtraction This is a match 3 game with a mathematical twist. Your goal is to complete each level by changing...
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Snake Eat factors, multiples, and prime numbers in this remake of the classic game.
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Kids Math - Multiplication Multiplication math game for kids
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Piggybank Invaders Save MathPup from the Piggybank invaders. Feed them the right coins to make them go away before the...
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Mental Maths Fast paced arithmetic action. Crunch the numbers as fast as possible.
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Math Balloons Addition A combination Match 3 game and an addition game rolled into one. Use your addition skills to remove...
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Math Transport Prime and Composite Transport the products by loading them into the correct trailers. Do this by driving a trailer under...
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